The AMA took place in our community-driven Telegram channel and led to a powerful discussion on marketing, liquidity, and much more.

We built Community Referendums in order to provide a voice in the Global Governance Model (GGM) to all UNFI holders. When we launched this, we would have not imagined the amount of valuable information and feedback we would receive from our thoughtful and creative community. During our first week of launch, we saw over 135 votes on over 15 Community Referendums. …

Thank you to everyone for the phenomenal support with UNFI Staking over the past few weeks. In the midst of us preparing for the February staking promotion, the Unifi Community was way ahead of us. Thanks to their overwhelming support, UNFI staking has already been filled and many users joined in to take part in a great APR.

As staking filled — a staggering 500,000 UNFI have enjoyed an almost 40% APR on staking! No further incentives were needed to get more UNFI staked as people are already watching and waiting for their chance to get in.

It is time…

Hi Unifi community,

I am Ryan Dennis and I’m excited I’ll be contributing to the Unifi Protocol and Sesameseed teams’ Marketing and Public Relations endeavors.

Who am I?

I’m just a tech nerd like you. My gift is communicating complicated messages in layman’s terms and my competitive advantage is having an irremovable chip on my shoulder for revolutionizing the world’s archaic financial system.

Much has changed since my brother stuffed satoshis in my BitWallet in 2013. Since then, the “blockchain space” has transformed into a digital asset ecosystem with arguably more potential than traditional financial institutions.

I have worked for TRON, BitTorrent, MetalPay…

In 2017, TRON Foundation first began with an ERC-20 token and was therefore limited to a hard cap of 100 billion TRX.

After successfully launching the mainnet on June 25th, 2018, TRON’s Genesis Representatives chose DPOS (delegated proof of stake) and began to have block rewards and voting rewards for Super Representatives and staking TRX holders. As a result, TRON has not had a hard cap since then.

Block rewards go to the Super Representatives and voting rewards are divided by total votes. TRON estimated total rewards are 500 million TRX per year.

Rewards per year = ( SR rewards…

Our commitment to you is indomitable.

TRON’s global community and partners are closely monitoring those affected by Coronavirus worldwide. We are deeply concerned and aware of the extreme shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, China, hence we are calling all the Tronics around the world to help those affected by sending medical necessities immediately.

These supplies include goggles, face masks, food, water, and various medical supplies, and anything else needed to help them overcome this crisis.

This is a global priority for us as this epidemic vividly exemplifies that even as interconnected as we are on the internet, we are just as connected in our physical…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock formation comprised of centralized platforms, you know DLive is empowering us now.

DLive, the popular blockchain-based live streaming platform, is already improving the BitTorrent ecosystem. Our teams are working together to bring blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing, including live streaming, to the BitTorrent community and beyond.

DLive boasts a friendly community of content creators and viewers and a revolutionary rewards system. Broadcasters and viewers may earn token rewards without sharing any of their earnings with the platform, enabling creators to enjoy contributions from their community. This is in stark contrast to traditional, centralized entities which take as much as 50% of the creator’s revenue.

DLive is beginning to use our new BitTorrent File-Sharing…

Ryan Dennis: Welcome back to the ICO Alert podcast, I’m here, joined by the one and only Adam Curry of Dench music. We’re so excited to actually get to know the project. We’ve seen a few different music-oriented projects, but I think you’re not going to see many that have this level of partnerships and influencers who are kind of crowding around and trying to find out, “what’s going on with Dench? …

Wise words from Nick Spanos of always remind me why I love our industry.

When I sat down with Nick, I knew I had to cover two things. One, his awesome oracle-based blockchain project which is allowing people to stake and bond their subtokens to another token.

The other topic I had to cover was his great speech at World Blockchain Forum on “fighting the good fight” where he expanded upon our industry’s social responsibility with sharp dexterity and a call to action for us all:

“Hopefully we use the blockchain for good. If we don’t embrace the blockchain and use it for liberty,, others are going to use it for imprisonment and enslavement…

An interview on Corporate to Crypto with Alex Scagz, CEO of Coinvention

Speaking to Alex Scagz is like listening to music. His relaxing demeanor and passionate approach is astounding when you consider how much pressure is on his shoulders. He is so busy, I couldn’t (didn’t want to) edit out the phone calls and vibrations of his cell phone going off the hook. I love when you can smell the hustle from someone online and identify who is a mover and shaker.

Alex throws successful, action-packed events for thousands of people in awesome cities across a plethora of industries ranging from music, social impact, non-profit, and now cryptocurrency and blockchain with…

How soon is Facebook going to buy Coinbase? I smell something simmering between the two companies.

It smells a lot like coffee, or rather, Starbucks’ recent moves. Listen here, read below, or both.

David Marcus is leaving Coinbase’s board of directors because he will begin heading up Facebook’s new strategic maneuver towards blockchain technology. Marcus kept his role at Facebook during the entirety of his stay in an advisory capacity at Coinbase. He’s an expert on growing small teams to be purchased, while being a powerful liaison, to large companies.

Marcus has been a vice president at Facebook since 2014. After joining Coinbase’s advisory board last December, he tweeted about his venture into bridging gaps for the social behemoth to blockchain:

Prior to Facebook, Marcus was a president at Paypal from…

Ryan Dennis


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